Boldly Glam/Boho

Boldly Glam/Boho

                         Be Bold and Glamorous with our range of Sparkly bibs, Geometric collars,

                                Vintage Floral bouquets or Romantic pearl cluster Statement necklaces.

              A decorative necklace, chunky bracelet or glam earrings is just what the fashionista ordered

                                                           to accessorize simple basics and make a BOLDLY GLAM statement!

                                                                                               Bold. Glam. Beautiful

                           Infuse Exotic Bohemian Spirit into your style with our new range of Fresh & Summery BOLDLY BOHO Chic accessories!

                                              Multiple layered necklaces and vintage charms, feathers, dream catchers, turquoise stone and

                                           Tibetan silver rings and bracelets instantly transform you into a unique Bohemian Gypsey Goddess.

                                    Layer natural wood, leather, stone and mixed metals. Connect to nature with this exciting and flexible style.

                                                                                                   Boho. Exotic. Spirit

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